THE LAB: THE MENU – Finding inspiration in your other senses | Food and Photography

If we’re always looking for inspiration in the same places, we’re likely to come up with similar results. But what happens when you start finding ideas outside of your own art form – even outside of visuals altogether? Can our other senses be just as powerful sources of inspiration when it comes to creating unique images? – Canon Australia

THE MENU is another experiment from THE LAB, a series designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens. Special thanks to the photographers.

I’ve been following this series on the youtube machine for a few months now because I fancy myself a photographer and love what they are doing. This one, in particular, spoke to me as I’ve for a year now been stuck in that space of just taking pictures and not really finding a ton of inspiration outside of that. Looking at things differently is lacking from me lately.

Photographers Anna Pogossova, Stuart Miller and Kristina Yenko were teamed up with chef Clayton Wells, of Automata, in Sydney Australia and came up with something amazing after an exercise of eating dishes blindfolded as inspiration. Go ahead and click through to the photographers IG’s, you’ll be very impressed.

The chef, Clayton Wells, looks to be doing some incredible things at his restaurant in Australia as well. It opened up about a year and a half ago and is known in the area as Sydney’s “hottest new restaurant” and by the looks of things I can see why.

The 60-seat space offers a changing five-course menu for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday and Sunday lunch – they have a wonderful YELP and lots of tags on the gram.

I want to go. Need to get to Australia.

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