The “Hefty Lefty” Jared Lorenzen Still Struggles With Weight Issues

Jared Lorenzen was a record-setting college QB and played in the NFL. A video of him playing in an indoor game while weighing more than 300 pounds recently went viral. He talks with Tommy Tomlinson about his career and his battle with his weight.

Great read over at the dot com on Jared Lorenzen. Its a long read, but those are good on a Sunday afternoon. One of things we always wonder, or at least I do, is how on earth a high level athlete can get heavy.

I can see the whole, “I-got-rich-and-just-dont-give-a-fu..-anymore” thing, but on some level you need to perform and if you are not fit, its almost impossible to achieve on the highest level. A lot of dude have proven that incorrect and Jared, has as well, but also struggled with going over the edge too. Tommy Tomlinson explores it for ESPN.

Its not just us. The irony is, when he was in the league, he wasn’t that overweight. He’s ballooned since being out. Make sure you click and read the story on espn because it gets a lot deeper than the interview. Good stuff