“The Get Down” Sizzle Reel – Coming to NETFLIX

Told through the lives and music of a ragtag crew of South Bronx teens, The Get Down is a mythic saga of the transformation of 1970s New York City.

The Get Down is a musical drama television series created by Baz Luhrmann and Shawn Ryan which stars an incredible cast led by veterans Jimmy Smits and Giancarlo Esposito. I can not wait to watch this if it is ANYTHING like this sizzle reel. I’m not one for a whole lot of musical television but I think with the success of Empire we are going to see a lot more of these types of shows on air.

This one, has been in the pipeline for something like a decade so it can’t be said that they are following the Empire thing, but it probably got some of the battery in it after the Empire phenomenon. But, this seems like it will be a better show. To me.