The Charleston, South Carolina Episode of Parts Unknown, was perfect.

I don’t know how television award shows are handled, but if I had any say, Zero Point Zero Productions and Anthony Bourdain would win every single television award possible for the Charleston, SC episode of #PartsUnknown.

This episode is perfect.

From the Budweiser and Jager shots to start the show, to the Waffle House experience, to the Bill Murray cameo, to the shrimp and grits, to the history of southern cooking, to the education of the original influences, to the rebirth of proper rice and grits, to the wondrous bbq that appears to be worth a two hour drive outside of the city, this episode does everything you could ever want to see from an Anthony Bourdain show about food and culture.

It is shot well. It is overwhelmingly informative, its funny, its introspective, it contextualizes the subject matter, the food looks good.

I think I have watched every episode of pretty much every show that Bourdain has been involved in, and I will tell you that he is still getting better. You know what you are going to get, but I think that the team around him is getting better, and he is getting better.

I enjoyed this episode about as much as I’ve enjoyed any other and it has be planning on booking a trip to South Kakalaky.

I don’t want to try this bbq spot, I need to.

This was the season finale, go find it on the internets if you haven’t watched it already.

The only thing missing, was Eric Ripert, and this may have been the best episode in the history of culinary reality cinema.

I’ll just have to watch the Marseille episode over again.