The BURRITO BOX – The Worlds First Burrito Vending Machine – Want. One. Now.

burrito box 1

The worlds 1st burrito kiosk, serving hot & delicious burritos ready in 60 seconds along with sides!

The burritos are 100% all natural. No hormones. No antibiotics. And the breakfast burritos come with cage free eggs. If I don’t have one of these burritos in my hand, within the next few days, I. AM NOT. THE MAN. That I claim to be….

Try it. Follow them. Go to 8380 Santa Monica BLVD in LA… (at the Mobil Station) or the 76 Station at 10389 Santa Monica on January 18th.

* Goodness gracious, can you imagine the amount of money that these things would make on a college campus?

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Shouts out to my guy Rob Zilla for posting this on Facebook.