The Arizona Cardinal’s Tyrann Mathieu is Going Vegan


I happened to be perusing the snapchat and a vegan activist friend of mine posted a screenshot of this today and I had to check it out. And, yes, it is true, we’ve got another big time athlete joining the healthy vegan lifestyle. Tons of athletes do it, but a lot of times we see that it’s not necessarily the hi-profile guys doing it, or it doesn’t get much press.

Tyrann is a big time athlete.

He’s one of the best corners in the league.

He’s made a real name for himself in the NFL, and he is on the path to going vegan.

And we say this all the time, if some of the worlds best athletes, we get the best training, and are basically working out all the time can handle their load being vegan, why can’t everyone?


Awesome that he is making the turn. And actually, I’m really interested in his story and I’ll tell you why.

Tyrann is from New Orleans… I know he probably lives in Arizona during the season, and might have a crib in LA, or New York, or Miami, but Tyrann is from New Orleans…. so he knows himself some proper food and low-key, one of the main reason I don’t think I will ever go all the way with this vegan thing is that I can’t quit gumbo.

And if there is a vegan version of gumbo that taste good, some one tell me about it, because it will be the first time I’ve heard that.

** Updated **

Just found an instagram, @VeganNewOrleans – they don’t reeeeally, have “n’awlins style cooking” vegan dishes yet, but I’ve only scrolled down a couple of cycles.

** Updated **

I wonder how he will be able to work this out when granny is making that big ass pot of christmas gumbo…. or when moms is making that jambalaya for Christma. I’m sure he can, but that’s a hard one!

Actually, a vegan jambalaya probably isn’t that difficult to pull off…. I might have to try it.

Hmoh, that actually brings me to another thing.

Can you get some good down south N’awlins type of cooking, vegan? Is there a cookbook out there? Is there a restaurant? Might be a little business venture he wants to look at – a book would be dope.

I have some research to do. Either way, congrats to Ty!

* just found out something cool, Ty and I have the same birth day – May 13 – #itsAlmostTaurusSeason by the way…

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