That time I went to BURGERLORDS in DTLA

Burgerlords DTLA - 1

Even though I’d heard a lot about this place and our office is less than a while away, I had never been to Burgerlords. Interestingly enough, the way I got hip to this place, wasn’t even about the burgers that they have, but the actual vegan “burgers” that they have.

Luckily, it wasn’t one of my vegan days, so I decided to go full on burger.

It was a really good choice.

Burgerlords DTLA - 2

Burgerlords DTLA - 3

A burger, some fries, and a drank for well less than a ten spot. I can dig it.

The burger is good, really good. Very reminiscent of the INO, but different. Beef is good, the tomato, the chee, the lettuce (romaine for a nice twist) and the bun and that sauce.

The skinny fries are pretty good by the way – especially since I’m not a fries guy – but their fries work for me.

If I did have one addendum to it, I would have went with a double or a triple. That single burger isnt built for dudes like me. You are left wanting more. That’s a good thing for sure.

Burgerlords DTLA - 4

Luckily, I went at a time in the afternoon that was chill, so I got right up to the order spot and got my meal in about 5 minutes, but I could see this place getting very busy at prime time.

Burgerlords DTLA - 5

Burgerlords DTLA - 7

If you’re in downtown LA, you want to stop by this place, but here’s a pro-tip for you: go with at least a double. Maybe even a triple.

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This is the vegan burger, I need to go back and try it.

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And, this is Adrianne Ho, at Burgerlords with the vegan burger.