Supermodel Petra Nemcova is a Beautiful VEGAN

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Petra Němcová is a Czech model, television host, author, and philanthropist. Once seriously injured in Thailand by the tsunami that resulted from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (while her fiancé the photographer Simon Atlee was killed) Němcová has had a full recovery and is the founder and chair of the Happy Hearts Fund.

I once profiled her here on IME for the HHF, because its an awesome cause and you don’t normally see super successful and beautiful people giving back fully in the way that she did, but I had no clue that she was a vegan, until I did even more research but I just didn’t have the time to do a “BEAUTIFUL VEG…” post about her. Here it is.

In speaking with Britains CLOSER magazine back in 2007, she said that she went vegan because a fear of fish farming and how we may run out of fish:

“I recently became vegan because I’m going green and not eating fish. They say if we keep fishing like we are, there will be no more fish left.”

The interesting thing about it, is that you can see the difference in her look from older pictures to newer pictures how much fitter she is post veganism. Not that she wasn’t an absolute smokeshow before it, but she really stepped her game up to another level when she went completely green and vegan.

Like, its a problem how hot she is…. and that brings up something else for me. I’ll get out of the way for a little bit and continue the point later…..

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For her fitness Nemcova likes to workout at least 30 minutes everyday, and she is into yoga. Petra Nemcova is vegan and in an interview with Us magazine said: “In the winter, I love to do healthy soups with mixed vegetables. I make it very solid. Good when you need extra energy.” – Plenty of Things

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* Now, to my point earlier… I was thinking about something randomly this morning while looking for pics of Petra on the internets. The more and more pictures I looked at, I couldn’t get over how attractive she is. What I was telling myself was this…. is there a better job description than SUPERMODEL?

Like, there is a distinct difference between model and supermodel, and it is very clear. There are models, and then there are SUPER models, right? Because we have a billion attractive people on the plant. A couple hundred million really attractive people by most folks considerations, but then there is a different group… and this group are those people who are absolutely ridiculously attractive. Supermodels.

When you look at a supermodel, or you are in the same place as a supermodel, the energy of the room feels different. The entire building is on alert. Its like all of the air is out of the room or all of the lights are shining on that person, and in looking at these pictures of her, you are like, ‘yeah, it makes sense why someone like this, or a Cindy Crawford, or a Jourdan Dunn, or whoever is THAT person.” They are just different…. like they are breathtaking to look at and you can just tell that they are different from mere mortals.

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But, having said all of that, I think that is what makes Petra so special. Get past all of the beauty shit and get into her story and know about all of the tragedy that she has had in her life, and its like she is turning all of her powers for good and to do good.

Her company, the Happy Hearts Foundation has done so much good in the world so far, that I’m blown away. According to the team, “in seven years we have rebuilt 84 schools in seven countries. Together with Clinque, after Sandy, we rebuilt a computer lab in the Rockaways,” – Petra

And they have turned their attention to the recent victims of the tragedy that just happened in the Phillipines. In the months ahead, her and her team are looking to get involved and help rebuild some of the massive damage that has affected over 4.9 million children affected by the recent storm.

She’s great. And she’s hot. Lets get back to that!

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Petra Nemcova on FACEBOOK : Official Petra on Twitter @PNemcova

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Petra Nemcova on FACEBOOK : Official Petra on Twitter @PNemcova

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