Styles P and Jadakiss Introduce The World to Their New Juice Bar, Juices for Life

The LOX are one of my favorite rap groups of all times. Jada, Style P and Sheek Louch have done what great rappers have always done, and that’s tell the story of the hood in a way that is relatable and understandable for all.

One of the things that the detractors always say about rap music and the hip hop culture in general though, is that after telling the stories and being a beacon for everything that is going on there and glorifying (their words) the struggle, rappers rarely go back after all of the successes and help out the hood and be a beacon of positive change for that rough environment.

Well, I’m happy to say that these cats are blowing that entire theory to pieces.

Juice For Life : An all natural healthy eatery serving only the FRESHEST, HAPPIEST, most DELICIOUS, food in NYC!!! Dine In – Take out – CurbSide – Free delivery

It’s no mystery that inner cities and a lot of urban neighborhoods are short of healthy eating and living options, and Jada and Styles have gone on a mission to change that. They’ve started a chain of juice bars called Juice For Life, and they specifically look to put them in hood areas. I love it.

Elite Daily did a great profile on them and their spots that you can watch below.

Jadakiss and Styles P are bonafide hip-hop heavyweights whose careers have spanned three decades, but their legacies may be solidified by something other than their music.

Through their chain of juice bars, Juices For Life, The LOX members are looking to provide a much-needed place for people in low-income neighborhoods to consume something good for them. These neighborhoods are often referred to as “food deserts,” since access to nutritional food is virtually nonexistent.

If you check out their Yelp pages, and their instagram and do a little swimming through links, you can tell that they have been very well received.

One of the things that I find particularly special about it is that they give you no excuses to not be widdit, dine in, take out, curbside AND they will even deliver it to you. I remember when they first opened their one store, I think the genesis behind it was that Styles was looking to get a lot healthier and was an avid juicer and realized that the people could live that same life. Then the idea for JFL came. Glad he made the change.

Well done boys. I hope you open up a million of these spots!

Now, lets not trip, the LOX are still out’chere making music…. Just saw this new work on soundcloud.