Stephanie Corneliussen is a Beautiful VEGAN


Hands down, Stephanie Corneliussen is the most attractive woman on television.

The moment we saw her on Mr. Robot, you can just feel like she is going to be massive. At first it was because she is strikingly attractive. Then, a few minutes later, you realize that she is playing the fvck out of that part. Really good actress.

*Side note* to the first point of this post, if I’m ranking, and I don’t do this on the reg, the top five beautiful women on American television (in no particular order) are as follows:

Stephanie Corneliussen on Mr. Robot, Jaina Lee Ortiz on Rosewood, Meghan Markle on Suits, Kerry Washington on Scandal, Robin Wright on House of Cards, Jamie Alexander on Blindspot, Tracee Ellis Ross on Black’ish, and Lela Loren on Power.

Is that five? I could go on.

Shouts out to Tanya Fear on Spotless and Gillian Anderson on The Fall too, both UK shows.

But anyways, that isn’t what this is about. This is about Steph…. all of those are contenders but she has the top spot.

Stephanie, who is best known for being Joanna Wellick on USA Network’s Award-winning TV Series Mr. Robot, RIP Joanne, was born in Denmark and got into modeling (well done) at 13. But what we have come to find out as she has gotten into lives via television is that she is truly an artist. She does music. She writes. She is an animal lover. And a human lover. On her bio, she writes: “I like animals a lot, I have 3 cats and a pigeon. And humans. I haven’t quite decided if I like one sex more than the other, so I’m going with the flow on that one…”.

Well done.

What she wanted to do all along though, was act.

And now, she is acting all over the place.

That’s a very good ting.

Today, as evidenced as the tweet above, we find out that she is vegan as well.

There is not a lot of information about her veganism on the internets, but I was glad to read it in her tweets.

It kind of feels like this might be somewhat of a scoop too because I don’t see lots of stuff on her IG (at least the normal, “I’M A VEGAN, type of stuff we see from folks – we applaud her for that) but you will find that there is plenty of other stuff on IG to look at other than the seemingly requisite vegan mandala bowls.

Couldn’t find anything on her when I googled Steph Corneliussen and PETA. PETA, I’m going to need someone to get on the job. She should be in an ad campaign, STAT!

The woman is flawless guys….

"Do you really want to say no to me…" ~ J. Wellick #mrrobot

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And the woman can act too bro, make sure you check her out on Mr. Robot if you haven’t seen that show yet.

Why you haven’t seen Mr. Robot by now would be beyond me, but still, if you haven’t check it out. And go to her IMDB and find out some of her other stuff.

Also, find her on snapchat. Even though she doesn’t post that often (or as often as we would all hope) she has some solid jams on there. She goes to animal sanctuaries.

I’ll leave you with this…

The derière diaries 🍑 📷by @j_mcd #humpday

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Shouts out to Stephanie living in Los Angeles as well.

Hopefully one of these days I see her at Crossroads and I can treat her to an Impossible Burger.

Have I posted about that yet? I’ve had three of them already. I should probably do that now. Stand by.