Some Great Stuff My Great Friend Sent Me from Japan

2 open box

I want to tell you about a friend of mine. They will remain nameless because they are not really heavy on the social networks but I love this person to death and need to big them up.

We’ve all have a friend like this (or at least I hope you do) who you don’t talk to that often but you keep in touch with in other ways.

I’ve known this person before fb and all that sort of stuff so it’s not a lame poke to say hey or a basic text message. We stay connected properly.

To complicate matters this friend is super all world and spends time here and in other states and in Japan and all over the place … so I can never really know where they are. But then, something like this happens.

I came home to the penthouse and there was a box at my door. It was addressed to me and the return address was “…sometimes it’s just nice to get random things in the mail.”

1 from

It was full of kitchen utensils from Japan. Not regular shit, but super super Japanese stuff.

For background on this, my friend knows that I’m kind of a Japanophile and there is an ongoing joke betwixt me and my friend about the proper kitchenware to use when scooping rice out of a rice cooker.

I think an ice cream scooper is fine, friend says no. One time I’d made something that required rice, and even though I got props for cooking the rice correctly, I used the ice cream scoop and that was apparently blasphemous.

There were proper scoops in the package. There’s other things in the box and each one has a handwritten note with it. Because, you know, the shit is from Japan and everything is in Japanese….

This friend of mine is special and I hope that I’m as good a friend to them as they are to me. By the way, this friend and I, probably haven’t seen each other face to face in well over a year, maybe two if I actually think about it. Crazy.

This is a steamer that you throw in the microwave.

3 microwave steamer

I call this plastic finger grabber things, because thats exactly what it is… you can grab stuff like your fingers without getting your fingers messy.

4 plastic fingers

If you are ever in the position where you don’t want to pop the top on a reeb or a soda….

5 cap opener

The tomato holder for slicing!!!

6 tomato slicer

Proper rice scoops.

7 rice spoon

8 rice spoon

A fan, because in my friends words, “Because every OG needs to have one. AC is for wimps”

This is ridiculously awesome because I am notoriously known for not being a fan of fake air. I will bring the windows open in the dead of summer and try and get a cross breeze.

9 fan

Japanese saran wrap. That you can use over and over again.

10 japanese seran rap

And this… is great. I call them chopsticks on steroids, and I put a cable remote down there for reference. I’d once stopped by a looooong time ago and she happened to be cooking some little pieces of beef on a grill and using these things like she was working on a barbecue grill. Roided out chopsticks and asian tongs.

I had no idea what the hell they even were. I mean, I knew they were chopsticks but these jaws were about at long as her arm. I’d forgotten about them until this package showed up!

11 roided out chopsticks

She’s awesome.