Some Great Stuff My Great Friend from Japan Gave Me 2.0

1 bag

A month or so ago, I shared a box that came in the mail from a really good friend of mine that is Japanese. I wrote the piece about it because I wanted to talk about how much I appreciated the friend. Well, it turns out that this person got a job relatively close to where I live recently, so we made plans to catch up and get a happy hour somewhere close.

Today was that day (after a couple of weeks of phone tag) and we met up for some apps. Lo and behold, my friend came with another bag of what I like to call random Japanese stuff, and I love it! We just jumped into the talking and I didn’t open the bag at the spot, but when I got home, I got into it and was pleasantly surprised. Here’s the stuff

This is great, a multi pronged USB charger that looks like a snowman. Dope. Its not a Japanese thing, but its still cool.

2 usb port

Here is fake ice. She knows that I’m a liker of a good cocktail every now and then and here are some ships you can throw in the freezer and then throw in your drink so that it doesn’t get watered down while its getting cold. Cool.

3 plastic ice

A pressure point pen. This is super Japanese.

4 pressure thingy

A quick can cooler, this will be getting used. A lot.

5 can cooler

I think this is sushi candy….

6 sushi gum

This sign means “RAMEN” … which is funny because a girl I am sort of seeing or dating was telling me last night about how much she was craving ramen. And then today at the cafeteria at work, they were serving some ramen dish. And then today, my friend from Japan give me a sign that reads, “RAMEN.”

Thats random… and when I asked what this means and why she sent it, she just said, “I dunno when you would even use that… its a sign that store owners of ramen put in the window for their pop up shops. I just liked it and its not every day that you get weird shit like that.” (First time I’ve ever heard or seen her curse by the way.)

7 ramen sign

Its coming up on the holidays…

8 holiday games

This is great. I don’t keeps sake at the crib but I was at SPROUTS the other day and noticed that they had a selection of SAKE on deck and I thought about buying some. Now I have a reason to.

Peep the paper its wrapped in too, straight up Japanese newspaper.

9 sake kit

and this was the capper actually. My friend is an educator and her husband is an aerospace engineer and they have both read this book and she said that she thinks I could get a lot out of it…. I replied to her, “Ummm, I won’t ever be giving a TED talk, but thanks, I’ll check it out.”

And then after we talked about some other stuff for a little while I actually thought to myself and then out loud, “If you WERE going to give a TED talk, what would your topic be?”

When you think about TED talks, the idea behind it is that you talk about what you are knowledgable about and you are to make, “the speech of your life” in 18 minutes or less. I had no clue what my talk would be about. For one, I’m not an expert on anything. And the things that I know a lot about, are pretty much random. I seriously was at a loss for about 20 minutes on what I would talk about and then I just gave up, but I will be thinking about this one for a while. Curious as to what I will come up with.

10 ted talk book

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