Sofía Sisniega is a Beautiful Vegetarian and Cruelty Free

This is Sofia Sisniega.


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She has a starring arc in a new show I just finished watching on the Netflix called, Club de Cuervos.

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Club de Cuervos is the first Netflix Latinamerican Series focusing specifically on the latin market, shot in Spanish and with English subtitles, and it’s about a Mexican soccer club headed by a family in comedic turmoil with each other.

She plays a local news reporter that gets comfortable with the newly minted club owner.

When I say that I was blown away by her looks and acting, I was blown away by her looks and her acting.

We’re not just talking about regular attractive here, we’re talking a drop dead situation here.

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And, along with being a beautiful woman, she is a beautiful woman…

#Happy #Sunday Thought for the day: Animals are not things, they are not a pencil or a piece of bread. The meat you eat is not something, it's someone, someone with a life of its own, with intelligence, with wishes, capable of loving, learning and with a desire to live. They have the exact same feelings we have, like your cat and your dog, they feel happiness, curiosity, anger and fear. They have the same right to be free as you and me. Now a days, 99% of meat and dairy comes from Factory Farming. The true cost of meat is never reflected in the price consumers pay because animal suffering is given no meaningful consideration. There's no significant difference between animal protein and plant protein, we don't need to eat meat. If you have the balls to eat it, you have the balls to read about Factory Farming. Read about how unhygienic and unhealthy it is for you. Finally, if an animal were standing in front of you, could you do that to him/her? Then why do you contribute? Is a piece of meat worth an entire life of suffering? Don't be blind. Don't be insensitive. If 375 million people around the world can be vegetarian/vegan so can you. Start today. #AnimalRights #AnimalsAreNotOurs #Vegan #Vegetarian #FactoryFarming P.S. In case you don't remember your Biology class, plants have neither brains nor nervous systems. Let's stop using stupid arguments to justify our actions.

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Sofía Sisniega is a Mexican-born actress, currently living back and forth between Los Angeles and Mexico who is best known, to this point, for her role as Sofia López-Haro in the 2013 Mexican adaption, Gossip Girl: Acapulco, but if my viewing habits are like the common man, she will soon be best known for her portrayal in a new Netflix original series called, Club de Cuervos.

She’s not just an actress. She’s vegetarian. She’s an animal activist. She’s a businesswoman.

Along with fellow Mexican actresses, Zuria Vega and Marimar Vega, she started “Milkella by Milk Bar”, located in Mexico City that’s a “dessert restaurant”, that serves Organic & Vegan Cookies, Ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes and hot chocolate.

In 2013, Sisniega appeared in a print ad for PETA Latino’s campaign, Real Beauty is Cruelty-Free.

Mexican-American star Sofia Sisniega tells PETA Latino why she chooses products that aren’t tested on animals and how easy it is for everyone to shop cruelty-free.

And, given that she is in LA a lot, her twitter and ig are full of cool vegan restaurants that she’s trying all over the area and it helps me add to my list of places to try out.

I wonder if she has ever been to Plant Food + Wine in Venice yet.

Can't get enough of this @arayasplace #Vegan #Thai #Mango #Panang #Curry #TomYum #Soup #Thai #IcedTea

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