So …. Where/What Can I Eat

So, here is the thing. I dig steak. I dig chicken. I dig really good food. Knowing that, I’ve given up trying to be a vegetarian or anything that is close to that. I’ve had ex girlfriends that have prepared me vegetarian meals. I’ve had friends that have cooked up a storm using only organic and non meat based products, but it just didn’t do it for me. I’ve rejected it for a long long time. But  after watching Food, Inc. I have been on the prowl for establishments that fall within a set of acceptable guidelines, because at the end of the day I want to eat better, but I don’t want to sit in front of a plate full of tofu and sprouts. What I think I want to do with the “Where Can I Eat” post, is look for places that qualify.

I’m gonna check out the interwebs and find restaurants and fast food joints and grocery stores and sandwich shops and anything like it that fits, and hopefully I will post pics and menus and links to them for your pleasure. Luckily I live in SoCal so it shouldnt be too hard. Its probably not as good as living in San Fran, but I think there is a lot out here for me.

If you want to send me any suggestions or links feel free. If you want to write a post or something feel free. I want this to turn into something that isnt just about how it is in Southern California but all over. I want this to reach my mom who is living in North Carolina eating lots of red meat and 1000 calorie mac and cheese for dinner.