SmartPlate : First INTELLIGENT PLATE that analyzes EVERYTHING you eat.

SmartPlate by Fitly is the world’s first Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled device that instantly tracks and analyzes everything you eat, so you never have to enter anything manually again!

fitly smart plate

SmartPlate is equipped with 3 mini-cameras (e.g. like the ones currently used in smartphones) and uses advanced object recognition to identify everything sitting on its surface.

It also comes with super accurate weight sensors which enable it to weigh up to three pounds of food at once.

It then combines both the image and the weight, and sends this information to the USDA’s database of over 8,000 household foods (plus another database where we host over 300,000 sku’s and over 100,000 restaurant meals) for analysis. It does all this in less than a few seconds.

* I need this.

I need this in a major way.

In my whole weight loss ting here, the one thing that I have found that working out and motivation and all the reading in the world you can do is good, but if you aren’t measuring out what you are eating and putting in your mouth, you’re dead. Period. You can work out as much as you want, but you will only see the super real progress when you are very diligent with the meals.

I found about this on an article in Forbes and I see that they are doing beta testers if you email them and get approved…. I will be emailing moments after I hit publish on this post. I would use the hell out of this.

I see that they are working on mixed food, salads, soups, etc…. and that is where I wonder what is up with they next couple of iterations here. I like gumbo. I need them to have a smartbowl that can break down gumbo, and jambalaya, and stuff like that. Excited to see what is coming from them. If this works, they are outta here – they will become billionaires. No more gram scales need to be purchased!

Head over to the and check out all of the details and get your pre-order in!