“Show Me” by Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown : Add It to The Playlist

This song bangs. “Show Me” by Kid Ink was back in September as the first single from his second studio album, My Own Lane. The song is produced by DJ Mustard (the all producer everything dude right now, from LA) features a hook by American singer Chris Brown.

I love this video and this record. Reminds me of some of the house parties that I used to go to back in the day…. they weren’t like THAT but they were close.

Adding it to the workout playlist. You should too. This shit is straight fire. I can neither confirm nor deny that I am in the middle of the penthouse right now, working on some C. Breezy type of dance steps just in case I find myself somewhere on a dance floor, in some stage of on tilt, at some point around New years Eve…. #jussayin

SHOW ME by Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown itunes

* Who is this chick? She might be the baddest muahfuggin video chick I have ever seen in my life though….

kid ink show me video chick