Salute to Babish

Thanks so much to @nobbinsbobbinsnbling for my favorite new addition to the kitchen

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Shoutout to Babish for this latest post on the gram.

When I first looked at it, I noticed like everyone else a few different things. First the awesome custom shovel thingy on the wall that you use to get pizzas and breads and fine baked goods out of the oven. That’s dope.

Then, like any other dude, I checked out his liquor assortment. Always on the lookout for a cool new libation to add to my own rotation. He’s got some nice stuff on the shelf. ”

But after double tapping it, I starting thinking of something. His kitchen is mad small. But I wasn’t thinking it in a bad way. I was thinking of it in a “that’s dope af” way. To the point that I commented that I have mad respect that he can put out so much content and good looking food with the average bachelor sized apt.

I always think to myself that my apartment kitchen is too small to do big things like bake breads or whatever, but I’d venture to guess that our kitchens are about the same size.

Gives me hope.

Gives me inspiration to take mine (cooking and content) to the next level.

That’s all.