Rocco DiSpirito talks Cooking, Eating Healthy, Weight Loss and Promotes his new Book

Piers Morgan and Rocco DiSpirito discuss healthy eating and cooking

This last part of that video is pretty telling. With Rocco, and others chefs that are bigger guys and gals, its always interesting when they are fit (or unfit). There is a ton of food and wine and cheese and meats so you pretty much get it when they are hefty dudes. But it definitely says something about making up your mind to get right. If a guy around great tasting food allay can limit intake and make smart choices, anyone can.

The only beef I have is that I’ve been reading some of the reviews of many of his other books and the reviewers tend to say that his ideas are on the gimmicky side and not necessarily about eating healthy, but more about weight loss and whatever the cost is. I haven’t read any of them, so i don’t know, but there are no denying the results. But I get a little bit leery when any book has a title that is mad gimmick like, ‘lose a pound a day” …. because the one thing that all of know is that you don’t need to hustle your body. If you eat right and you are active, the pounds will just come off…. maybe I’m inferring too much from just a simple title, but those are my two cents.

Here is the link to his new book and you can check it out for yourself.

Rocco DiSpirito pound a day book