RAMEN CHAMP in the Far East Plaza Los Angeles

This is my new favorite ramen place in Los Angeles.

Note, I went here in early October right after they reopened at the new location in the Far East Plaza.

I went right before the lunch rush. I was next door at Wing Hop Fung picking up some tea and realized that this was right across the way in front of the elevator and there was no one there yet because they literally just opened the doors for the day.

I was greeted with this menu.

Ramen Champ - 1

I of course had to go with the Tonkotsu ramen, but I was actually lowkey drawn to the vegan dish after the lovely told me all about it. I’ll be back for this and its spinach noodles.

Ramen Champ - 2

Ramen Champ - 3

Look guys, you’ve had ramen before, and you’ve probably read a million people write a million things about it, but I’m just going to tell you that if you are around this spot. Anywhere around and I mean like within a 20 mile radius, you migh thave to man up and go in here and get you some of this greatness in a bowl.

Speaking of bowls, I asked if they sold these joints because they could make a f.cking killin off of selling these but I was rebuffed. The lovely didn’t say that they didn’t but she had just started working there and didn’t know if they were selling them.

I had half a mind to throw her some skrilla and just take off with one, but I chilled. She was mad cool and I didn’t need to put her in that position.

Best believe that I am coming back asking if they sell them every time though.

Ramen Champ - 4

Ramen Champ - 5

Ramen Champ - 6

Ramen Champ - 7

I didn’t like that sh.t at all…….

Ramen Champ - 8

The graf is dope.

Ramen Champ - 9

Ramen Champ - 10

I want to try this libation the next time I roll out over here.

By the way, the same dude that owns Eggslut, own this place.

Photos of our space are live on @eater_la link in out bio 🍜🏆 can't wait to serve everyone on Monday 😊

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