Rachel Parent debates Kevin O’Leary about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) … and wins.

14 year old Rachel Parent debates Kevin O’Leary on the issue of Genetically Modified Food

I see Kevins point, I see this young ladies point, and I think I have to say that she wins in a landslide.

To make sure that I am as transparent as I can be, I will let you know right up front that I am a HUUUUGE Shark Tank guy and a big fan of Mr. Wonderful, but one of the things that makes him great is the very thing that messes him up here in a debate against a 14 years old. He is pretty smart and a lot smarter than a lot of people that he comes across and most of the time, his gift is that he can get people to see and think like he does.

In this case, as he continues to make his point, I dont think that he is respecting the point that she is making.

He just wants her to see his point, which its obvious that she does, but he isn’t making the effort to see his. He’s using a smart guy trick and trying to confuse what she is saying, on some mental bully shit, but she is focused and on her game. She makes sense, and she keeps making her point. Although she is personally against the GMOs overall, she isn’t necessarily saying that the testing is what should stop, she just wants everything to be labeled so that people can decide if they want to eat genetically modify stuff or not. That makes a ton of sense.

I don’t know if the argument has ever been just if GMOs should be out there, the argument is should things that are genetically modified be IDENTIFIED so that we know that we are eating them.

They say, well you should know that you are because 90% of all food that is massed produced is modified someway, which may be true, but we cant go around assuming this.

I like this girl and I’m going to throw her some money because she is going to be even greater than she is now, doing what she is doing with support from IME’s and people like us.

Thats one of the things that I am doing this whole site for, I call myself an Informed Meat Eater, I still eat this shit (on occasion) but I want to be informed… I want to know what is going into my body, we should have that.

To find out more about Rachel and her organization, go here: www.GMO-NEWS.com