Questlove’s Food Salon – NEW YORK – ft. Kristen Kish, Edouardo Jordan, Andy Ricker, Jen Yee

* For the record, this is just one of many episodes that Questo has done with his Food Salon brand. You should click through to vimeo and watch them all. He even has a book. I will be reviewing that and posting as soon as I order one and get it.

The Food Salon is held at Questlove’s home in the NY by Gehry building with panoramic views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Long Island Sound. The salon is a gathering of thought leaders in art, music, film, TV, and food. Questlove’s chef friends Kristen Kish, Edouardo Jordan, Andy Ricker, and Jen Yee discuss their ideas and philosophies about food and prepare one dish that represents a first course, second course, a third course, and a dessert.

Back when I was a lot younger, I used to think that this was the sorts of things that the cool, the rich and the famous people did on the reg.

Now that I have seen some things, and gotten to know folks that could be considered cool, rich and famous, I am very aware that their lives are very much NOT like this on the reg.

But, sometimes, they do things that are dope af.

This, is dope af.

I want to be here.

Side note, I’ve been trying to catch Kristen in the skreets out’chea for like 2 years. For some reason, I think we would get along. Especially if this kind of thing was in Malibu…

Kristen Kish, is perfect. You know her cv.

Edouardo Jordan, is a father, husband, chef and owner of Salare Restaurant in Seattle.

Andy Ricker is an American chef, restaurateur and cookery writer, known for his skill and expertise in northern Thai cuisine.

Jennifer Yee is an American chef, specializing in pastry. Born and raised in San Francisco, she has worked in several pastry kitchens in many of Manhattan’s finest restaurants.

She is currently the Patissière at Lafayette, located in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan