Questlove with Anthony Bourdain

Roots drummer, DJ and author Questlove stopped by UO Herald Square for a discussion on his latest book, “Something To Food About.” Here, host Anthony Bourdain asks Quest about the similarities between the food and music worlds. – UO

Just an outstanding 3 minute clip of Bourdain sitting with Questo, talking about his book and food and music.

There is so much more needed from this video series and I hope UO puts the entire thing online at some point in the future. If you are old school and want to read about it, here is the link to a transcript.

UO Interviews: Questlove

* On some whole other shxt, Urban Outfitters has done an incredible job recently with their brand. They’ve gone from what they were, to continuing to be that but having an enormous presence on social media and becoming even more a part of the youth culture. But not just the youth, more of the hip culture. If you look around at their social media, seems like they as a brand are growing with the demo that made them ubiquitous. They aren’t solely going after the urban put-cool-shit-in-your-apartment-and-wear-these-quirky-shirts demographic, but understanding that they people that spent a ton of money with them a decade ago, have a buying power now and are interested in things like this. Or being at SXSW. Good stuff by them.