Pizzanista’s GF Vegan Pizza and A Clara’s Vegan Cupcake

As you know… recently I decided that I wanted to start and get my vegan on.

I will admit that I have had some slipups along the way, but its a becoming a real thing for me. One of the main reasons that I was not super gung ho about being vegan was that I thought I would never be able to have the same type of grub that I’ve been eating for a long time and then I would just be miserable and want to kill myself.

But, eating that shxt is killing me slowly so I need to make a change. In making that change, I’ve gotten cookbooked up and gotten my super google on and found food that I can make as well as restaurants in my area that can do really good food.

Let’s be honest, the food is never EVER going to be as good as the pre-vegan life food. Its just not. But, it can be close. So here we are at a place called Pizzanista that had one of my favorite pre-vegan pizzas ever. It was called the Meat Jesus – that should tell you all that you need to know – but I can no longer fxck with that.

So, a few weeks ago it was national pizza day or some random other made up day and I wondered if I could partake.

House Beer Pizzanista

Where our office is, is the Arts District of Los Angeles, and even though its not Los Feliz or Atwater Village or Eagle Rock or Abbot Kinney or whatever whatever whatever, we still have plenty of hips. And when you have hips, you have hipster eating joints.

Pizzanista is one of those places. Wherever you have hipster eating joints, those spots usually have a finnicky clientele and things like vegan mac and chee and vegan pizza is not out of the ordinary.

This is what I got.

GF Seitan Meats Jesus tomato sauce, Daiya vegan cheese, vegan pepperoni, vegan sausage & vegan bacon $16.00

Pizzanista - 2

Pizzanista - 3

This pizza, is better than one would think it would have been. Its not pepperoni and cheese with all the grease running down your arm or anything, but its also not sitting in your stomach giving you the bg’s or will have you pooping soup later.

This is a quality pie. And you don’t feel guilty eating one more slice than you should. If I were to rate it on a scale or something as fake pizza against real pizza, its like a 6 or 7 if I rated it as fake pizza against fake pizza, its an absolute 10 of 10. Forreals.

Pizzanista - 4

Side note, as I was cashing out, I saw a little stand thingy with vegan cupcakes and since I was feeling good about myself for the pizza, I decided to splurge on a cupcake.

The cupcake was grub. Lowkey one of the best that I’ve ever had. Maybe, thee best that I’d ever had. Given that, when I got done eating it, I looked at my reciept to see what it was called and cot dammit, it cost 5 bucks! Sorry, I’m getting away from my point. So, this five dollar cupcake was made by a company called Clara Cakes, and its something to behold.

Clara is a teenager who went vegan a long time ago and couldn’t find any sweets a few years back that were doing it for her, so she opened up her own. At 14. Boom.

Clara Cupcake - 1

Clara Cupcake - 2

I was happy with the day.