Pizza Hut HK’s Blockbuster Movie Projector Box . Genius

Pizza is good.

Movies are good.

Pizza and movies, together, are good.

This box is genius. The ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Group HK created this beautiful little diddy, the Blockbuster Box, for Pizza Hut Hong Kong.

As you can see in the video, the pizza box you receive not only has your pie, but converts to a full on projector that you can bounce videos played back via your mobile phone on to a receivable surface.

As I’m reading around the internets, it looks like this was just a creative thing and was tested out in HK – that’s why the videos are limited – but I can see some sort of crazy wide adaptation for this the next time a movie studio has a huge movie they want to promote.

Imagine if there is an Avengers movie, or a Batman, or something like that and the only way that you can see the first official trailer is if you buy pizzas from Pizza Hut for a weekend before the trailer goes online.