PARKS and REC video of “Ron at the Distillery” is GREAT

Leslie gives Ron a treasure hunt for his wedding present, which leads him to the greatest gift of all.

I’ve been waiting for these clips to come on line ever since I watched the episode of PARKS and REC where they went to the U.K. I have an on going love affair with this show and in particular a man crush on the gent called Ron Swanson. He’s a mans man. He like dead animal, he likes scotch and he is no nonsense. So in the episode, “Ron Swanson from America” detests being in the UK, like any true American, but the episode ends with Leslie Knope giving Ron a special special gift that any man worth his salt would love.

The clips don’t actually show how it went down in the episode, but they are good enough, and his trip to the Lagavulin distillery is awesome.

Ronald Ulysses “Ron” Swanson is a fictional character played by Nick Offerman. Nick Offerman an actor, writer, and carpenter best known for playing the role of Ron Swanson. But, Nick Offerman, is much more than that. He is the owner and proprietor of the OFFERMAN WOODSHOP based in Los Angeles California that makes some damn fine woodwork.

offerman woodshop

They make everything. Its a little bit pricey, but the workmanship is ridic and I’m sure well worth it. If I had some extra bread and some extra room in my apt, I’d definitely buy some stuff.

Let me get my money up and maybe a house, and I will be one of the best customers ever.

Nick also has a great book out called, “Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living”. You can get it in the IME store here too. Check it out.

By the way, I want to go to a scotch distillery. #BucketList