Olivia Wilde and “PHILANTHROPIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP” #Philanthropreneur

Her new web site, Conscious Commerce, lets people give back by buying stuff they love. – FORBES

I like this idea and I think I need to do a little IME investigation on this Conscious Commerce situation……

The Conscious Commerce mission is to create a guide for conscious living by promoting the causes, brands, people and lifestyles that are forging a new paragon of living.

Barbara “Babs” Burchfield and the love of my life who doesn’t know it, Olivia Wilde, co-conceived Conscious Commerce three years ago after many extended aid trips to earthquake ravaged Haiti.

Galvanized by the desire to make a difference and seeing the short-term-only affect of traditional fundraising they resolved to create a new model.

This is something that is brand new, but to this point they have collaborated with ANTHROPOLOGIE and ALTERNATIVE APPAREL on a couple of products. I like that bag in the video, but I can’t find it on the AA website. I’m going to keep trying to find it on the internets. The irony is that I was surfing around earlier today during my lunch break, because I’m going to Thailand in a couple of weeks and I need a bag. I tossed my backpack when I graduated college and only have a camera bag, but you can’t really hold shit in that other than a couple of cameras and all the things that go with that.

Anyways, hit up Conscious Commerce and see if your company can get involved. I like this www.consciousco.co

And…. wiki already has a definition for Philanthropreneur: Philanthropreneurs are people who bring an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy: they are interested in effecting positive changes in the world and alleviating suffering, but are doing so for profit. Their contributions are investments rather than donations.

The term is claimed to be coined by Internet entrepreneur Mark Desvaux in 2004,[1] however The Wall Street Journal used the term in a 1999 article[2] and a publication entitled The Philanthropreneur Newsletter existed as far back as 1997. –