Odell Beckham Jr. Details A Workout Routine

No doubt that some American footballers are some of the fittest dudes on the planet.

ODB, playing wide receiver, appears to be one of the fitter dudes in the league as well. I’d probably say that between footbalistas and American football players and basketball players, they are right up there with when you are thinking about training techniques, they are some of the best.

Basketball and football training will probably get you the most fit and athletic looking, but also on some skinny buff shxt. American football, you’ve probably add a little more bulk because you are setting up to take a physical punishment so you need to be a little more yoked. Interesting stuff in his work though. Gonna use some of this in my training.

Odell Beckham has become one of the best receivers in the NFL and it is due to the fact that he has a work ethic second to none. Check out what Odell was doing in his time before the draft to prepare for his breakout rookie season.-NFL