“Nude Action Model” Nicole Aniston is a Beautiful Vegetarian (Soon-to-be-Vegan)

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Nicole Aniston might be the hottest adult film star in the game right now. Period. So, I follow her on the social networks. She’s a great follow actually. She admits to us followers that she lives a pretty average and boring life – just working, and working out, basically.

Anyways, she’s a super smokeshow, she’s from Southern California. She’s obviously pretty liberal and likes to get it in.

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Turns out, she is vegetarian and transitioning to being vegan. So, she is posted here in IME….. After seeing her post something about a vegan Italian soup, I hit her on twitter and she hit me black:

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* Make sure you follow. Trust me on this one. Twitter all day. Oh, and if you look around, there may be a site or two that has some of her work – you know – for research purposes.

nicole aniston tweet vegan

I actually started following her after I saw this video:

* By the way, I just thought about this… is Porno stuff super main stream now days? Like, maybe I’m just different but it seems like we think about porno actors and actresses in a totally different way than we used to. Like, we used to think of them as these drunk out nymphomaniac hoe bags, but now, I think, with the Nicole Anistons of the world and the Sasha Greys and the Bibi Jones’ of the world, do we just look at them as regular chicks who happened to get piped down to make some change. But with the social networks, we see what their lives are like a little bit, and they are just like most of the chicks that we know except they are way hotter and they make their living by getting piped down.

But, it seems super accepted now. I know a ton of chicks that are into porn and are quite honest about it. I think we always assumed that it was so taboo, but with things like twitter and pinterest, we see just how much other chicks like to look at other chicks, and their bodies, and I’m sure they like to see their other more naughty talents and try some of those things out. Its interesting is all. I’m rambling.

Bonus video