lake arrowhead

I decided at about 2am last night, that I think I want a little bit of cabin activation in Lake Arrowhead, sometime in the near near future.

I’d been up there a few times before with friends, we used to go as a big group and rent a house in Big Bear or somewhere else and all spend some time getting our cool out on, play some cards, tell some bad jokes, drink some adult beverages and have a good time. I was up there these last couple of days for a wedding of some dear dear friends, and I couldn’t believe how relaxing a trip it was for me this time around.

All the other times were cool as well, but maybe because it was the turn of the year and or the joining of two people very much in love, I happen to get an entirely different perspective of how great an area it was and how connected I felt with nature. One of the things that I decided a few days before going up, was that I was going to try as hard as I could to disconnect from the world out here, which today means basically not bringing my laptop and only uses my iPhone for emergency situations.

The cabin that I was staying, was a part of a larger spot, but the 4 story family cabin that everyone was staying in, had a smaller 2 bedroom 2 bathroom chalet type of spot a few steps from the main house. Stepping in, I felt different. This was my desk for the time I was up there. I had my music, I had my notebook, I had my bourbon…. I could get used to this.

I won’t make this some long drawn out post, but after waking up each day, early, and taking a walk along the lake with nothing but thoughts (and some environment appropriate music playing in my iTunes) I decided that I want a crib up there. Nothing too big, just enough so that I can do the weekend getaway thing whenever I want. Straight Ron Swanson style. I need that.

lake arrowhead 1

One of the days I decided to take my reading outdoors and not chill in the cabin. This spot was as good as any to read. Early, Friday morning at about 730a… and it was a resort area, so there was no one out that early.

lake arrowhead 2

lake arrowhead 3

The big idea that I had, because the houses aren’t that expensive actually, is that if I lived in my apartment in the city, but threw down some ducats on the cabin at the lake, I could get all of the tax bene’s of ownership, have my place here so that I can work, but also have the getaway up there. you could find a decent 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom for like 100k. Thats nuffin. Especially if you finance that over 15 years. Thats barely a car payment.

The only thing I would worry about is home raiders and people yanking out your piping and stuff when you aren’t around for a couple of weeks in a row. Do they have a homeowners association type of thing? How sweet would it be (and this is a convo me and my boy were having) if you had a crib up there, and you asked a lady that you were getting close to, to go out to the lake with you… and then she would be like, “Oh, thats so nice, you rented a spot for us…” and then you would be like, “Uhm, no no babe, this is my spot. This is my little home away from home… I just come out here to clear my head and wanted a place up here.” Game. Blouses.

I’m going to look into this.

lake arrowhead 4

lake arrowhead 5

The best part about it, is that Lake Arrowhead (and Lake Gregory) are not that far art all from where I live in Burbank….

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