“No One Meal” is a #NewRules … Food Prep Sundays are now in effect!

one meal

Love seeing all of the internet memes for getting in shape, and this is a great one to see on a Sunday. No One Meal says it all and its such a truth. Gotta be an everyday thing baby because one good meal wont get you skinny and one bad meal wont get you fat. I tell myself this all the time because you know how when you decide to do shit, you get frustrated that you aren’t back to your fighting weight in a couple of workouts…

The reality is that you didn’t get fat in a week, so why on earth would you think that you are going to get fit in a week?

Time. Patience. Perseverance. That is the key. So with that, I’m getting my food prep shit on today. Here is a little bit of what I am doing so that I wont have to get it done every single day and be stressed out about it. Eggs, celery, lettuce, cucumber. Add that stuff up with my protein everyday and I should be straight. Reach in the fridge and pull out a piece of fish. Maybe a lean steak.

Yeah, I like this plan….

prep cucumber

prep celery

prep eggs

prep lettuce