New Toothpaste Alert :: UGLY by Nature – Raw, Vegan and Cruelty-Free

UGLY Toothpaste - 2

Long story short, the more and more I read about stuff that we use on the reg, lotions, toothpaste, deo’s, drinks, etc., we’re coming to find out that most if not all of these things, are lowkey bad for us.

I can’t determine whether it is or it aint, BUT, as I’m getting older and coming in to my own healthwise, I do know that if you can use products in your body, that get the job done that aint bad for you, you should lean to using that.

Head over to the for all of the product information, it contains things like calcium bentonite clay, organic coconut oil, aloe vera leaf luice, and more stuff….

I’ll let you do your googles and find out if toothpaste is bad for you, but I’m definitely feeling this new toothpaste.

It works. It’s good and it doesn’t taste like shxt, so I’m going to give it a proper test drive on it. Well done UBN.