work feelings out

I like this one… I’ve been on some funny shit lately. Worried about a chick, worried about my future, worried about some businesses that I am a part of and where they are going in the future and if they will be the things that I want them to be. Honestly, I just don’t know. Real talk, the shit can go either way, with ALL OF THESE situations.

But I’m single. And I’m one of those dudes thats not really a talker (about feelings that is). I’ve got great friends. I’ve got really close friends. I have a female best friend who I can talk things out with but she’s married and has a chile so we don’t always get to catch up as often as I’d want to. My old way of coping with stuff would be just to crack open a bottle of scotch and mute all the stuff going on in my head. But that got me here… that got me fat and disgusting… I happened to see this one on instagram or something and got my google game on to find it. I like it. Just workout man… fuck being all emo. I’ll just listen to some Drake while I work out and that should take tare of it, no? I think so. New Rule: Just Workout out, talking about feelings aint gonna do shit anyways…..