New Rule :: “Without a Goal, You Can’t Score.”

Nike asked Casey Neistat to make movie about earning Fuel Points on the NIKE Fuel Band so he decided to push what being active meant.

Casey Owen Neistat a film director, producer and creator of popular YouTube videos since beck in 2010. He had an HBO series called “The Neistat Brothers”, and he is just one of those awesome dudes that you can tell is always down to take his shot.

Above is a great little video of his that I found that he was commissioned by NIKE to make about the fuel band. According to the notes, the video was shot over the course of 5 days with his buddy. Looks like a blast and the best part is the motivational shot / quote, “Without a goal, you can’t score.”

One of the most simple things that someone told me a long time ago was: make a plan, stick to that plan, execute that plan. His quote here is a lot like that…. The hard part in life for most of us, is making that plan or setting that goal. Thats the rub. Thats the difficult part.

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