New Rule, Think like Gronkowski :: “It goes by skinny or looking jacked.”

In a recent article by NESN where Rob Gronkowski was talking about his offseason and how is coming along from last years injuries and the slew of surgeries that he had in the off-season, adding muscle, and about getting back into football shape, he answered in a very very Gronk way:

“That’s part of the whole rehab process,” Gronkowski said about adding strength. “It’s not just rehabbing your arm and the back. I took off my whole body for about a couple months. So, you got to get everything going again, all muscles firing again and all parts of your body. That’s a big process, getting back in shape — running shape, football shape and getting your strength back. I’ve just been working on that the last few weeks, also.”

Thats just regular athlete speak, right. Well, our guy didnt let us down because he added this little doozy when someone said that he looked noticeably skinnier than his listed weight of 265:

“I don’t really lose weight,” Gronkowski said. “I can look skinny and still be the same amount of weight. It goes by skinny or looking jacked. So I was skinny back a few months.”

There it is. No middle ground. You are either skinny or you are jacked… couldnt have said it better myself.

Obviously the dude knows how to get jacked, and obviously the ladies love it. Motivation holmes…..

This is Bibi Jones. You want to get familiar with Bibi Jones. She’s a college student turned porno star turned retired porno star turned came out of retirement to be a porno star again chick. She’s like 24. She’s incredible and quite the internet sensation. This pic got the GRONK in a little bit of trouble with the team and the league, but if you have seen her work, I dont think that is something you are worrying about at all.

gronk bibi jones

If you want to know how Gronk gets jacked, you can check out this collab with Walgreens, or peep out some of the links down from his MH workout or hit Bodybuilding dot com profile.

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