New Rule :: “It Takes Time.”


This is one of those motivational posts that you just have to keep in mind all the time. Or, maybe its one of those things that I have to keep in mind all the time.

We get so impatient once we start working out again, that sometimes we get really frustrated when we dont see the results that we want after the first few days, few weeks, or first month or so. BUT, the one thing I say is that I didnt get fat in a week, so why on earth would I think that I could get skinny in a week?!

The time it takes to get back ‘right’ is the punishment for letting myself get out of shape in the first place. Its a process. A long, hard, excruciatingly challenging process, but worth it. Worth every single stressing minute of it, because the result and the finish will be greater than anything you can imagine.