demolish goals

I saw this one and I liked it. A lot of time we get caught up, or at least I do, with setting goals and thinking that getting there is the end all. I think some times we need to set goals and make sure that we don’t just meet them, but we shatter them and go waaaay past what we set out to do.

There is the rub though, you want to set goals that you can accomplish, and you want to hit the mark… but since when does just doing good enough make you great? It doesn’t. The only problem is that you have to get your mind right so that you don’t set too low of a goal, so you can ‘demolish” it, but in reality you just set the bar way too low in the first place. Set reasonable goals. And demolish those… then you can set new goals and demolish those. One goal a day. But make sure its something that is worth it.