New Music / Video Alert :: “Same Girl” from Jennifer Lopez

This is the official video for Jennifer Lopez new single “Same Girl” … I don’t know if this is from an upcoming album, if this is just a money grab, if this is just something she is doing because she is bored with TV and wants to get out there touring again, but I’m happy that its happening.

When the picture below dropped a couple of weeks ago, and started making the rounds on the social networks, we knew that we had something special on our hands. Not to be a dick, but lets keep it all the way 100, Jennifer Lopez is suuuuuuper talented, she is super pretty, she can act, she can sing, she can dance, but, she got famous or super famous that is, because of ‘dem backs!

And the fact that the first image released for this single, was the super instagrammy hip thrust ass shot showing that she still got it and the same girl we know and love (see what I did there) tells me that she was going to get back to who she is.

jennifer lopez subway platform

And hopefully you can see, that I am not reducing her to just an ass shot, because she is far from that but one of the things everyone will notice, if you aren’t under a rock, is that the only people that are eating and blowing up nowadays are these instagram fake model chicks who show their ass all over the place.

J. Lo in the social network :: FACEBOOK : TWITTER : INSTAGRAM

I think we need someone like Jennifer to come out’chea and shut all these simple bishes down. Rihanna is steadily shutting down all comers. You get a Beyonce, killing the game last month doing her thing and killing these heauxs and now we get a video from an OG like Jennifer to represent as well.

I’m all for it, and in the words of C that God from Power 105.1, Jennifer Lopez is vintage vagina and I will never get mad looking at her. I’m ready for another J. Lo era. She was scorching hot with movies coming out all of the time, videos coming out all of the time but then the babies started coming out all of the time and she took some time off to be a mother. Plus, she had crazy bread from all of her success and didn’t need to be in our faces all of the time.

* By the way, there was a random thought that came into my mind as I was watching this video…. Do we have an LA version of Jennifer Lopez? I don’t think we do. At least not to the level of success that she has had. I know a couple of around the way chicks that got it. I know a couple of radio chicks that I can say ehhhh kind of pass for that. But we don’t have a J. Lo. I’m bonn have to think on this for a smudge.

I really like this video and this record is growing on me every time I listen to it.