New Music : “Thom Yarbrough” (Dungeoneze Remix) – Big Boi w. Yarbrough and Peoples

Big Boi Thom Pettie Dungeoneze Remix

The Thom Pettie/Don’t Waste Your Time remix. Big Boi is 1/2 of Outkast. Yarbrough and Peoples was an American R&B duo from Dallas, Texas. Their biggest selling release was “Don’t Stop the Music,” a US Billboard R&B chart topper in 1981. This song is e’rythang right now!

The original Thom Pettie was Big Boi, Little Dragon and Killer Mike. You hear Killer Mike’s verse on this rekid too and I think Little Dragon’s vocals are still on there but it could be Peoples. Here is the video for the original