New Music :: “Objectum Shalamar” – Big Boi feat. Phantogram

The more and more I hear from Big Bizzle, the more and more like I feel that he is setting up a legacy for himself. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Sir Lucious L is one of my favorite rappers ever, but this new Big is making me a very happy dude. I don’t know if its that he is re-energized by the Outkast stuff that they are doing or if its just that he has that much music to get out there.

He’s been putting in major work for about a good 10 years on the solo tip, doing the college circuit and festival thing and he is making good music.

What he has been doing recently, is a page right out of these young whipper snappers playbook and releasing a ton of ‘content.” He’s doing music, but his social network game is up, his Facebook and IG is p-o-p-p-i-n-g and he makes sure to give you a ‘visual’ for every song he drops. Not always a video, like we are used to, but a visual. Good stuff.