New Music Alert :: “IVRY” from 100s

ivry 100s

100s (@IHate100s) is bringing West Coast rap back to the future. His new release, IVRY, is a glimpse into a melodic new chapter for the Berkeley MC, taking classic mack vibes to chic new heights. From the smoothed out “Ten Freaky Hoes” and the Rick James-worthy “Different Type Of Love” to the ice cold flows of “Inglish Outro” and “Thru My Veins,” 100s spits X-rated bedtime stories worthy of classic Too $hort, but with a modern attitude, approach, and peerless sense of style all his own.

* I believe the word for this record is infectious. When you see the album cover, at first, you are throwed off. But then you start playing it, and then you start to get your sit down groove on, and then you feel yourself getting up out of your seat after getting a funky two step on in your apartment. If you don’t get up and start doing a funky two step, there is something wrong with you.

I don’t know where this cat came from, but I know that this EP bangs. I know that this muahfuggin whole thing is straight through play worthy. There isn’t a weak track on here.

* Ok, so after a little internet investigation (a VICE interview) I found out a few gems. 100s is African and Jewish. His pops sent him to boarding school in the Ivory Coast. He had malaria 5 times. Mac Dre is the artist who inspired him to start rapping. Oh, and this is the video and song that broke him, 1999.

I like this kid, and if I could have one thing in life, it would be for DJ Quik to produce an EP with him, Suga Free and Pimpin’ Young (well, maybe just one song with PY #Pomona)