New Music Alert :: “I Want You” by Wrabel

This should be a pretty big hit.

I’d never heard of this kid until yesterday, but I’ve been listening to the song every since. I was checking out this weeks episode of Get Up On This, a wonderful podcast done by Jensen Karp and Matt Robinson with special guest Jesse Thomas. It was a get-up-on submitted by Jesse, as this cat was someone that she has performed with from time to time.

He’s dope and this record is craaaaazy. This is literally my favorite new song. Wrabel is a pop singer songwriter from Los Angeles, and apparently performs at a local spot about 10 minutes from my crib all the time, even though I knew nothing about it. That’s my bad. I need to go see him and Jesse the next time they are breaking it down at the Caf.

Anyways, he’s solid.

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* Side note * This song is (maybe was) a free download for those up on it first. But I’m going to let you surf around and try and find that. Its a good internet workout. Not really, just look on his twitter page..