New Music Alert :: Chris McClenney & Soulection White Label:014

I happened to be doing my weekly music websites surfing thing looking for cool new downloads and sounds, and happened to see this kid Chris McClenney on P&P or Pitchfork or one of these other sites…. His name is Chris McClenney.

A 21 year old Maryland native, Chris McClenney grew up listening to a wide variety of music from Jazz to R&B and Soul to Hip-Hop, Funk, Electronic and more. He takes a holistic approaching to making the music he loves and hopes you’ll enjoy.

He’s a student from the DMV and according to his facebook bio, he counts as his inspirations and influences the greats: Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, Maxwell, Herbie Hancock, The Roots, Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla.

Thats right where it needs to be. His music is right where it needs to be and is on its way to being even better when he gets a chance to get in a legit full fledged studio and goes and does his thing. For now, get to know him and his music.

Chris McClenney on twitter : instagram : the facebook

mcclenney tweet

I happened to roll over to his ig to see what he looked like, and if he looked like a star and you know what, he’s not bullshittin’ us, he had vids and pics of him on the bass, electric keyboard, piano … all in what looks like a spare room at the crib. Dude is the truth. Can’t wait to see him blow up.

I’m gonna go check out some more of his social network to see when he is here in SoCal. I have a feeling he’s one of those dudes you will be bragging about knowing about way back when he only had a couple thousand twitter and ig followers.

mcclenney ig