New Knife Alert :: SHUN 7″ Chef’s Knife for Christmas

shun 7 inch chef knife 1

Known in Japan as a gyuto, this light, nimble knife is ideal for slicing meat and fish, and it performs beautifully on vegetables too. The blade is thinner than a traditional chef’s knife but still offers plenty of knuckle clearance on the cutting board. Shun knives are produced by Japan’s leading blade manufacturer, reflecting the craftsmanship of a centuries-old tradition of knife making. – WILLIAMS-SONOMA

“Excels for a full range of chopping, slicing and dicing tasks”

“All-purpose Asian-style chef’s knife with thin, lightweight blade.”

“Handcrafted in Japan.”

This was quite the Christmas gift…. I’m one of those guys who doesn’t want for a lot, I actually don’t enjoy receiving gifts but get more enjoyment out of what giving a gift does, annnnd I actually only wanted one thing for Christmas but thats another story for another day… but I did get this for Christmas yesterday and I will say again, THIS is a gift.

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking recently and in some random conversations with my brother about stuff he’s mentioned a couple of times about some new knives that he’d gotten and how good they were. I, for one, had purchased the bachelors special at BBB when I first moved into my apartment and been working with some bs cutlery for the last couple of years. All of that changed yesterday. SHUN knives, if you aren’t familiar with them are pretty much the best that you can get.

I will be putting this thing to use very soon, but just don’t know with what…. its like getting a new car and deciding what is the first freeway or street you are going to open it up on, or getting some new headphones and picking out the perfect first song to listen to…. I’ve got some thinking to do, but its going to be epic. Can’t wait.

shun 7 inch chef knife 2

shun 7 inch chef knife 3

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