New DRAKE Alert : “Days In The East”

I’ve been cooking up a post called, “This is Why I Fux With Drake (aka I may lose cool points for this post)” because of the song “GIRLS LOVE BEYONCE,” and it started like this:

Girls hate when niggas go missing / And shawty you ain’t no different / These days it’s hard to meet women
Feel like my love life is finished / I’ve been avoiding commitment
That’s why I’m in this position / I’m scared to let somebody in on this
No new friends, no no no
You know how this shit go
You got your fair share of admirers that call your phone
You try to act like it’s just me, but I am not alone
But if you’re alone then, say my name, say my name

And this ain’t no time for actin’ / And this ain’t no time for games / And this ain’t no time for uncertainty / And this ain’t no time for locking your phone and not coming home / And startin’ some shit when I’m in the zone / This is why I’ve been saying
No new friends, no no no
You know how this shit goes
This is not four years ago
Time escapes me / Now forget how it felt when this shit move slow
I come through in whips that make a young boy take the long way home
All my young boys ‘round me saying, “Get money and fuck these hoes”
Where we learn these values? I do not know what to tell you
I’m just trying to find a reason not to go out every evening
I need someone that’ll help me think of someone besides myself
I need someone I leave through the front door with
‘Cause we don’t wanna hide no more / Plus you’re not shy no more
Neither of us wanna play the side no more
No, I’m not alone
Even though nothing was the same
Let me get your ass alone
Let me make you say my name
Say my name

Lyrics from [RG]

….because Drake write and performs songs, that express a kind of emotion that dudes don’t usually express. He takes mad flack for it. But bitches love Drake.

GLB is a perfect record.

And as a former club promoter, the one thing we ALWAYS said was, make it hot for girls to come because that is the only thing that matters, because if the girls come, the guys who buy drinks and want to look at girls will follow. But make sure that its hot enough that when the guys who buy drinks and want to look at girls come, they will stay and tell their boys about it.

Drake’s music is the epitome of this idea. he makes music that women absolutely love. And guys love it because of that. But his music is hot enough, and he can rap just about as good as ANYONE out there, so the fellas that listen to him still mess with him. Dude is nice. This song is different though…. its not a hip hop Drake record but we let him get a pass on stuff like this because of songs like Lord Knows. Or Tuscan Leather. Or 9am in Dallas.

Drake is that guy.