New Crush Alert :: HER NAME IS MILAN – Music

I don’t know anything about this babe other than she is from Australia, her music is incredible, she just moved to LA and she’s gorgeous.

I also know that this video dropped a few days ago and has less than 1k views.

That is going to change.

Be the first of your crew to be on this one because she is a star in the making.

Find her on the facebook : twitter : soundcloud : Milan’s website : iTunes

Don’t sleep, I’ve spotted a couple of bangers before they hit the big time and I think she is right in there with the Lana Del Rey’s, the Ed Sheeran’s, the Banks’, and the Jessie J’s of the world. I’m just a little guy with a little blog about nothing, but I’ve been out in front of these artists.

She can sing her ass off and she plays instruments. Her visuals on point. Did I mention that she is really attractive?

She’s gonna win.

Upon a little further investigation, she is striking me as one of those old soul types and scrolling through her IG, she has a lot of that in her.

Bobby Caldwell ❤️ strumming that @gibsonguitar 🎸 full vid link in bio 👆

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Here is another thought of mine:

Why the have I not taken a trip down to Australia? me

The more and more I read and hear and see about this country, the more I think that I would be all the way down and probably find a wife and not come black.

Up in the lush Hollywood Hills BBQing on this fine Sunday 🌿🌺

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I once had a friend who was an olympic athlete for the US who went there and told me that its basically heaven on earth and I would fit right in…. from Iggy to Sophia Turner to this one and many more, I think I may have to take that friends advice and spend the bread and kiggit for a little while.

Plus, I hear that they currently have the greatest steakhouse in the world down there, #1 Sydney: Porteño.

Lost in the moment.. Photo by

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Hoop earrings yo. Do they rock the hoopers in Australia like this? #love

Fuggit, I’m going.