New Cookbook Alert :: THUG KITCHEN

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Mission: Inspire the shit out of some mother fuckers to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle.
Description: Verbally abusing everyone into a healthier diet.

This book is definitely a come up. One thing I didn’t know earlier, when we first posted about this is that the book is a no animal product cookbook. No meats, but not even eggs or dairy products either. Which, is actually kind of cool.

I dont have anything like this in my library and it works. The book itself has a ton of good recipes and one of the things it will be good for are side dishes. I’m a big protein guy so I will probably make chicken or some sort of beef on the side of most of the recipes I try, but a lot of them I will cook and go with.

Lots of good breffis food recipes. I already have my eyes on a couple of things and definitely like some of the recipes for salad dressing.

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This is a good book. You should go to Amazon right now and get one for yourself if you didnt get one for Christmas or use some of those gift card dollars to pick this up.

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