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Crackling with humor and bursting with flavor, Nom Nom Paleo offers a fun, fresh approach to cooking with whole, unprocessed ingredients free of grains, legumes, and added sugar.

Authors Michelle Tam and Henry Fong, creators of the acclaimed Nom Nom Paleo website, have cooked up a visual feast, with more than 100 fool- proof Paleo recipes and over 900 step-by-step photographs and cartoons. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a busy mom, a triathlete in training, or a lifelong foodie who’s curious about the “caveman” approach to eating.

* I ordered this book a couple of days ago, literally minutes after I posted the trailer for it on this site. I’m not pale, but I was interested in the book because I’ve seen a ton of good recipes on her site and no lie, the pictures below are the first pages I saw when I thumbed through the book the first time. I’m sold.

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She breaks the book up really well, and honestly, if you are a paleo person, this seriously is the only cookbook you may ever need. this is their first book and one of the things that I don’t like about a lot of celebrity chef cookbooks is that there is an assumption that we know what we are doing. Or we know how to stock a pantry or fridge. And they just get right into these super ridiculous recipes with spices that no one on earth has that isn’t walking around in a chefs coat.

Mostly everyone can heat some food up or slice some things, but not a lot of people know the answers to the whats and the whys. They do a very good job of that in this book and there are a ton of pictures. I think one of the things you really notice is the writing of this book is done by someone who has had a lot of success online with the nomnompaleo website because as we know, website are driven by solid pictures and to-the-point writing. Its done well in the book.

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There are some long form things, like her story of how she came to the pale lifestyle, but there are also a lot of quick hitting one page recipes and descriptions that can get you from A to B with no problems. The book helps you stock your pantry and fridge. Tells you what exactly paelo is and how it changed her life and her families life, and obviously the main thing in the book are / is recipes. And there are over 100 in here.

You won’t use all of the recipes, but you will definitely use a lot. There are levels to this shit and some of the stuff is harder and more complex than others, but there is plenty for a novice cook to handle. I dig this book and you will too. Now go buy it.

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