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In this exciting, one-of-a-kind cookbook, radio and TV personality Angie Martinez and acclaimed chef Angelo Sosa join together to offer you over 100 innovative and delicious recipes that blend the art of Latin cooking with healthy eating. Based on the sexy, spicy, and satisfying foods they cherish from their Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican backgrounds, Angie and Angelo remix classic recipes like ropa viejo and arroz con pollo so everyone can enjoy eating the food they’ve grown up with, but without the guilt.

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Came up on this book and I’m very happy with it. I first got word of it when Angela Martinez was on The Breakfast Club talking about the book and where it came from. She wanted to make clear that this isnt a diet book in any stretch of the imagination but instead just a cookbook to healthy up some of our favorite latin recipes.

This is something that is very necessary. Interesting that most people, when we think of latin food, think of cooking it with lard and throwing cheese and sour cream and sauce on everything when the reality is that there are many different latin cultures and ways to cook latin food and most of them use incredible ingredients and a ton of different flavors. With the help of Angelo Soso from Top Chef fame, Angie gives us over 100 recipes to choose from.

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I’ve thumbed through and already found 6 or 7 that I want to try right now, so the next few weeks will be a lot of fun.

My only beef is that there are a lot of recipes that call for some random ingredients that I dont have in my pantry or spice rack.

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Healthy Latin Eating: Our Favorite Family Recipes Remixed ($16) – AMAZON