New Cook Book Alert :: “Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans”

treme cookbook

* UPDATED * Book is here! * (I have no clue what to cook first!) *

I was looking up something on the internets for the post I just did on Wendell Pierce and the grocery stores that he has going on down in New Orleans. I needed the twitter feed of grocery stores and the latest tweet from Sterling Farms, and the tweet was talking about this book being available at all of their stores.

I looked for the book and came across this short ALL THINGS CONSIDERED podcast from NPR.


I read this short part about how the book came about….

The cookbook is divided into sections, each told in the voice of one of the characters — from Janette Desautel, the chef, to Antoine Batiste, the trombonist. Elie says he wanted them to have their own chapter so they wouldn’t interrupt each other.

One of the characters, a real life musician and cook kermit Ruffins went to lend his talents to the book, he didnt write his recipe down…

Elie says he called Ruffins to get his butter bean recipe, but he realized Ruffins wasn’t going to write it down for him. Instead, he interviewed the musician to get the details.

I needed to get the book. It cost about $23 on Amazon, and you can get it in the IME Amazon store.

To read up more about the book, check out this article written by Melissa Block from NPR:

‘Treme’ Cookbook Captures The Flavor Of A Show And A City

* I’ll be posting something I make from it shortly. I have Amazon Prime so the book will be here in 2 days. I’m fired up about that!