New Cook Book Alert :: “The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life” – Robin Quivers

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I copped this book on Amazon after hearing some pretty rave reviews from people that know things. Robin Quivers is an radio personality, author, and actress, best known for being the long-running news anchor and co-host of The Howard Stern Show.

Follow radio personality Robin Quivers on her journey as she learns from Irish chef Gavan Murphy how to cook vegetables in this hilarious new reality cooking show.

If you want to check out a full season of RObin’s cooking show, head over to the Vegucating Robin youtube page. It was a pretty entertaining set of videos and it would have been great to see it continue, but Robin, as you may know had some medical complications from Cancer where she had to fall back on a lot of outside activities other than continuing on THE HOWARD STERN SHOW.

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She had a really bad situation, but one of the things that the doctors said to her was that her clean eating and relative health was one of the things that saved her and helped her through the illness. Good news alert, she is now cancer free!

I haven’t gotten in to the book today because it just came to me today and I opened it after work, but I already like this actual book that is a cookbook. Its not just a preamble and then a ton of overdone recipes from a celebrity. The first 100 pages or so of the book are actually about Robin’s story. Its a full on book and then there are about another 100+ pages of recipes and other stuff… I like it. I like it a lot.

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Go ahead and check out the IME Store to get your copy of The Vegucation of Robin